'Aliens Will Come Back and Help Us Make a Leap'
Sputnik Germany has spoken with Erich von Däniken, a Swiss researcher and the author of the sensational film "Memories of the Future" and dozens of best-selling books popularizing the hypotheses of paleo-contact and ancient astronauts. Von Däniken exposed his own theory of alien influence on early human culture. He also told Sputnik about the interest intelligence and security services have taken in his work.
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The core idea of my theory is the same as it was decades ago – thousands of years ago aliens visited earth. Our ancestors who lived during the Stone Age could not understand what was going on. Mistakenly, they believed that aliens were gods. But gods do not exist and our ancestors did not know that.

Erich von Däniken
researcher, author
"At that ancient time, the so-called "gods" acted like ethnologists would today. They studied a couple of tribes, learned a couple of languages and gave some advice. Then, they said goodbye promising to be back some day. Their promise to return became part of each culture and religion down to our days."
"We don't know when they will come back. No one knows. Maybe, they're already among us..."

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Knowledge vs. Beliefs
How to spot the difference between primitive religion and those hypothetical aliens? They gave information; in particular they gave scientific information that couldn't be obtained by those living during the Stone Age. For example, there is the book of Enoch. Enoch, the seventh patriarch from Adam, was taken by God, according to the religious interpretation. But I'm sure he was taken to an alien ship where he learned their language and was given knowledge about the moon, its phases, etc. This is scientific information. It is not about primitive religious beliefs. This is the difference.
"Discussions are always great. As for my field of research, I have more knowledge about my work than my opponents have. I don't blame anyone. The fact is that there is evidence that cannot be ignored. The problem is to explain it though"
Von Däniken's ideas have been frequently criticized as pseudoscientific, but he said he feels positive towards any criticism.
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One of my books was about the Maya people and their two different calendars, one with 365 days and the other having 260 days. One professor from Bonn University, a specialist in studying Maya, told me that there is an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. If there was a planet [there] today its solar revolution would take exactly 260 days. But he told me not to mention that this was his idea.
Erich von Däniken
on scientific secrets
People with implants do exist. Of course, there is the question what it could be. Who studied this phenomenon? Of course, it has been studied, but no one understands what those implants are. This is the case. People come to me and say that the government sent them. They ask me about the names of those I've met with. But I don't do that.
Von Däniken said that today, there a lot of people claiming they were captured by aliens, but in the past, he used to laugh at such claims until he met Prof. Dr. John Mack, a Pulitzer Prize winner from the US and Harvard professor.

Mack told him: "Mr. Von Däniken, I hate being under surveillance, but it can't be any other way." Von Däniken asked him: "Why? All these alien abduction stories are nonsense." But the professor said, "In some cases, they are not because we've found implants."

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Reproduction of "Atlantis" painting (1979) by artist Vladimir Smirnov © Photo: Sputnik, Igor Boyko
Von Däniken on Atlantis and Lemuria:

As for Lemuria, this story is an old fiction and there is nothing to discuss. Atlantis was first mentioned in some of Plato's works. This story seems authentic because it gives specific details, including the size of its port and the number of ships in its fleet. I believe that the existence of Atlantis was possible. If it existed it should have been created by Poseidon, a god, in other words by an alien. I think this assumption sounds convincing.
Are Aliens Our Enemies?
"No, if they return to earth they will help us make some kind of evolutionary leap. What we are now is the product of evolution, but our planet has never been an isolated system and there were some extraterrestrial incursions in the past. At least, this is what ancient books tell us," Von Däniken said.
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